I have been a journalist for 18 years as a:
  • Reporter and writer (focusing on migration, human rights and integration of sport in society and its socio-political impact).

  • Editor (in newsrooms, focusing on implementing tech innovations, accuracy, speed and SEO with a sharp eye out for and deep interest in live analytics and data-based decision-making)
  • Photojournalist (producing visual content)
  • Filmmaker (short social videos using mobile journalism)
  • Editorial consultant (Digital transformation, newsroom change and planning for major news events)
  • Content strategist (Planning content and major projects with a keen eye on analytics, trends and SEO techniques) 
  • Editorial project manager (leading and delivering for the newsrooms some of the biggest events in the world, including Qatar World Cup, US Elections, Pakistan Elections, and Trump-Kim meeting in Vietnam).
I have reported from 15 countries and also onboard a migrant rescue vessel in the Mediterranean.

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